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Tricks to Design Your Modern Living Room

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The living room, which is considered a meeting place for the family, friends and visitors, is the nexus of the household. The decor of this important part of your house demands careful attention to reflect your personal taste and sense of aesthetic and tactile beauty. Get the best modern living room design idea from here.

Many people have little or no idea about how easily they can make small changes in the living room, which will make the room appear modern and appealing.  Many think the task of decorating your room is challenging and time-consuming.  Moreover, they struggle to pick the suitable items to include, and instead create a mess of a living room.

However, it is wise to depend on online interior service providers to help design your living room. Truly indeed, a good professional can revamp the interior design of your living room, keeping semblance with your entire home style.

Let’s dive in and learn a few tricks to give your living room a modern attractive look.


Make Your Statement with Walls

Many of us wrestle with what to do with the blank walls, which is one of the room aspects that draw people’s attention quickly.  Bring style to your walls by adding a piece of modern art, even one you make yourself, or a large, wallpapered wall showcasing your favorite place or personality. This type of personalization has an extra value and is always welcome.

Tell Your Story

Another way to make the walls engaging is to create a gallery of photos telling stories of your memorable events. This type of interior design leaves a mark on the guest’s mind and brings them closer to your world at heart.

Play with Color Schemes

Modern interior design often refers to simple color schemes and clean lines. In contemporary home style, neutral palettes such as cream, brown and white are preferred.

If you want to present your living room with a touch of sophistication, you should go with neutral base colors in the form of accents.  It will add dimension and warmth.  Accent walls are great because you can undo the changes easily.  Personally speaking, I love the idea that an accent wall becomes a place where you can show your creativity.

Create an Illusion of Space

While decorating your living room walls, you can select angular shapes and geometrical forms to give a modern touch.  If you think the space in your living room is small, you can add mirrors to make it look bigger.

All these ideas will make your living space look different and visually appealing.


Redefine the Living Room with Mix and Match


If you don’t have enough space on your wall, you can incorporate a patterned rug with a bold design.  Using rugs on the floor makes the hard floor cozier.  Again, you can use larger rugs than smaller ones.  Rugs are of different styles, like bohemian or oriental. You can also experiment with the materials.  Cut pile, shag needlepoint, etc., are some of the styles that work well in a modern design.


Adding contrasting eclectic pillows with your sofas can be a great way to reflect your modern style. They can be of any color.  However, timeless patterns (stripe and animal prints) are good for visual effect.


You can get points if you can pick matching drapes with the pillows. It creates harmony in the room.  By using sheer drapes, you can let natural light get in. Curtains can be cotton, linen and even silk.  Moreover, you can go with blinds to save space and control the amount of natural light coming into the room.

Bring in Nature

The presence of indoor plants will make the living space look more inviting.  You can keep potted plants or hang them to add some greenery.  Keeping flowers wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Brighten up the Living Room

Natural light is a good option, but often you have to ensure a combination of ceiling lights, table lamps and offbeat styles of lamps to add sophistication. Choosing the proper light installation for your living room is important, as well as variety.

You need to select the proper overhead lighting that matches the room height. The overhead chandelier is good for high-ceilings, while low-ceilings are better off with flush mount lighting fixtures.

Maximize Seating Arrangements

Before selecting furniture, you should think about how best you can optimize the space of the room. Don’t neglect the walkways between the furniture; the open spaces are as important in modern design as the furniture and accessories you choose to fill it with.  Most important is how the seating is arranged, which should be so that everyone can see everyone equally.

Where to Start

Choose a focal point for the room and design around it.  The focal point could be a couch or the rug, the fireplace, or even a large piece of modern abstract wall art.  Whichever you choose as your focal point make your subsequent design choices off the focal point.  The right focal point can help your creative design decisions and bring a comfortable inviting living room and delight of all who come there.

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