Our Services

Visioning and Programming

For an excellent end result, we will ensure to monitor the nitty-gritty of the project. We will check your space and analyze the type of design that best suit the space. We will have all our findings documented and presented to the interior designer, this will allow us do a proper planning putting every factor into consideration. The program put the whole house into plan, with the client’s needs for every function is being defined.

Concept Design and Development

Through this service, the spaces in your room will be analyzed, so that we can create a faultless design for you. From space planning to interior design and architecture. We will intelligently pick into your mind to make sure you have your dream design.

Master Planning

Master planning ensures that everything is put in place, all documents are prepared and submitted for approval before commencement of the project. Also, proper planning for all technical elements.

Space Planning

When it comes to this service, we get to complement the execution of your project by merging the interior design with the exterior. In order to ensure a floor plan is created for your internal structure, we will team up with you and your architect.

Schematic Design

This stage will bring the client and our expert designer together to make designs for the space. With all the necessary information our expert will draw up a perfect design for the space. Which will be represented in a schematic format.

Interior Architecture and Design

Before the execution of the project, final touches must be made on the design, our experts will use their initiative and expertise to see how the structural design will ensure the perfection of the interior.

Furniture Planning

This service ensures that your room has a great layout during your shopping process, this ensures that the right furniture that fit in are bought. The service makes sure your room is properly dimensioned and this will allow you plan well for the furniture.

Custom Furniture Design

The purpose of the furniture is not just to full up the space, but it must perfectly fit, both in use and form and must be creative and beautiful. Furniture must be something we can relate with and feel pleasure. This service ensures that we have a beautiful furniture for a place we call home or office.

3D Modeling and Renderings

The perfect visual display of this project is guaranteed through 3D visualization. The great tool ensures that every decision making becomes very easy since the layout of the project is clearly spelt out.